Daniel Dominguez

Mr. Dominguez

U.S. History and World Studies



I would like to express to you how excited I am about welcoming you to what is going to be a wonderful year at Canyon Valley High School. The world is a constantly changing place, and as young adults it is crucial that you are aware of changes going on all around the world you live in. This course will help to establish the foundation you need to not only understand the world of the past, but you will learn how events of that past influence the world today, and how past events are still shaping the world of the future. We will use various historical thinking skills to help us deconstruct primary and secondary texts while uncovering the past. It is my sincere hope that you will take the lessons of this class and become active citizens in the world that you are a part of. As your teacher at Canyon Valley High School, I have very high expectations for you. I will push you to do your best, and I will be sure to do everything I can
to help you succeed. 

About Me

I was born and raised in Garden Grove California. After High School I went into the Marnie Corps for 4 years of Active Duty service. Upon Discharge I began college graduated Cal State University Long Beach with a Bachelor's Degree in History and my teaching credentials for Social Studies. After teaching 7th grade History in Santa Ana California for one year I moved to Gilbert Arizona where I began teaching here at Canyon Valley.