Eileen Geronimo

Eileen Geronimo

Subject or Grade: Lab Biology / Earth Science
Room: C1



In Earth Science, students will be asked to understand and apply concepts of scientific principles through different challenge such as lab activities and research projects. At the end of the block, students will be able to explain the different changes that occur in our atmosphere and how humans can impact the environment. During second semester, students will understand natural events volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other natural hazards. In ​Biology, students will learn ​concepts that explores the structure and function of the working cell, Molecular Genetics, and Biochemistry. Throughout the semester, students will use a systematic method as we investigate through these scientific concepts. During the second semester, students will understand the importance of cell regulation, the role genetics play in producing variation between living organisms, and how all organisms are interdependent of other living organisms.

About Me

I would like to welcome you and your child to my Lab Biology/Earth Science class. I graduated in 2008 from Arizona State University with a degree on Secondary Education with a concentration on Biology. This will be my 10th year teaching and 9 years served here at Canyon Valley School.