Marcela Garcia

Marcela Garcia

Environmental Science and Ecology & Biology


I'm very excited to take on the school year with you and your student! Below you will find a brief description of the two science classes I teach and what your child will discover while in my class. In Environmental Science and Ecology, students will explore concepts in regards to our environment and how living organisms interact together within their environment. Some topics include Species Interactions, Arizona Deserts, and Endangered Species. In the second semester we will explore concepts in Renewable and Non Renewable Energy, Pollution, and Population.

In ​Biology, students will learn ​concepts that explore the structure and function of the working cell, Molecular Genetics, and Biochemistry. In the second semester students will use a systematic method as we investigate through these scientific concepts. During the second semester, students will understand the importance of cell regulation, the role genetics play in producing variation between living organisms, and how all organisms are interdependent of other living organisms.

About Me

I am a Texas native born in El Paso. I played Division II soccer at Eastern New Mexico University. I've traveled overseas to Australia to play soccer and work for a travelers futbol club. I have survived five summers here in Arizona and enjoy the year round nice weather as it allows me to be outside playing sports, hiking, or swimming with my husband and three children. This is my fourth year teaching and my first year teaching here at Canyon Valley.